Friday, May 24, 2013

Project Love Scarf Delivery to City of Hope 2013

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years since Robbie died and we had our ninth The Love Scarf Project delivery at City of Hope.  We arrived on Valentine’s Day to a very appreciative group of patients in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.  Robbie’s spirit is definitely with us as we go from patient to patient spreading as much love and joy as possible.

This was the first year that we had donations come from beyond the U.S.  These yummy hats came all the way from India even -- inspired by a post on Facebook by a fan of our project, Maureen Charles.

The majority of this year’s scarves and hats – three big boxes full! – came from Nara Dunkerson who rallied the kids from Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Glendale California.  Kids and adults ended up knitting because of her infectious love and enthusiasm for the project.  Nara has been a huge champion and knitter for Love Scarf since the early days.  A group of several kids helped me load the boxes into my car and they were so incredibly joyous to be of service.  Their hearts and faces were beaming with pride.

Delivery day was amazing because we were able to visit and give big hugs to many of the patients and their families.  One woman is the only person in their large family that knows of her sister’s cancer and is supporting her single-handedly through it.  Another young woman had started her own charity to empower girls when she was diagnosed.  She was always a stand for girl power and her diagnosis spurred her on to encourage girls to appreciate their lives and grab their power.   Each patient was so inspiring.

It was another RED year!  We ran out of red scarves toward the end of our tour of two floors, but even still everyone found a scarf – or scarves – and/or hat(s) that they loved.

When we go into the rooms we ask the patient what their favorite color or colors are, and bring them lots of choices in that range of colors.  We had a couple of men who didn’t have a favorite color, and they looked at us slightly baffled, but had great humor about it, and were delighted to make a choice that was right for them…and get a good hug too!

It was a truly love-filled Love Scarf Project 2013.   We look forward to 2/14/14!  

If you know of someone who knits or crochets, please pass on the word as we take donations all year round, amassing as many scarves as we can so that all the patients are delighted with their choices and can feel loved every time they use their hat or scarf.
A great article about last year's delivery made it into the City of Hope Newsletter.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teaching a New Generation to Crochet

Listen to this precious note that came in one of the scarf envelopes today:

"Thanks for being a part of the Love Scarf Project. My scarves were made as demonstrations for a group of Girl Scouts. So they helped me teach a new generation about the art of crochet and went to a great cause....Hope all of them find a good home (even if they aren't perfect)."

By the way I have no idea how they could be any more PERFECT!!!! LOL! They are exquisite!


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Calling all Knitter & Crocheters: LA Love Scarf Project 2012

The holiday season is wrapping up, but we hope you'll needles and hooks are just getting warmed up. We are now collecting scarves and/or chemo caps for patients at City of Hope in Los Angeles, CA.

Scarves and hats need for the LA Love Scarf Project need to be sent to LA by February 7 so they can be washed and packaged for a Valentines Day delivery or by February 10th if you are able to wash and bag the scarf/cap yourself.

See attached flyer for contact information to get the shipping address. Here are additional resources to get you started:

Please don't hesitate to pass on the flyer to all your fiber arts loving friends!

Love Scarf FLYER 2012

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

NYC Love Scarf Project 2011 Delivery Update

From Leon Seidman:

Yesterday we delivered well over 100 scarves to cancer patients at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. The scarves were beautiful and the patients, nurses and administratoors were so appreciative. As you know, it is such a moving experience.Often the patients even request favorite colors and we are always able to find something they like. The nurses and administrators tell us that the economy has reduced the donations they get from companies of things like toiletries and cosmetics so they look forward to the scarves that much more.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New York City Collections Begin!

Hello! Please email me if you would like to send scarves to the Big Apple for cancer patients this Holiday Season! I can also do local pick-ups. Collections for scarves and caps has begun, and will go through December 10th!

Monday, March 14, 2011

LA Love Scarf Project 2011 - REPORT

Love Scarf Project 2011 was huge success at the City of Hope, when a team of 6 delivered scarves to two floors of patients on Valentine's Day. As Carrie Lundell said "The smiles, the smiles, so many smiles..." It was true, the smiles that often take a good deal of energy to muster up when you are in their situation, were so big and bright. The thank yous were so loud and clear -- even for the patients who can't or barely can speak. The ooooohs and aaaaaaahs at their choices were also plentiful. It was a heart-warming Valentine's Day for all of us.

There was an athlete who went to UCLA who was thrilled to find his UCLA blue! There was a man who happened to be on a walk through the halls, whose room we hadn't got to, who was completely bald. He didn't have a hat! So, we found him the PERFECT hat that matched his trusty robe and he was in love! With a skip in his step he rolled his IV pole down the hall and we saw him a couple times as we delivered to the rest of the floor. He always had the biggest smile.

We had one patient who exclaimed "Don't I look like a hottie now?!"

Everyone we delivered to had many options to select from and found a scarf or hat they were very happy with.

Most of all, I think we can say that everyone felt the LOVE from The Love Scarf Project.

The fantastic nurses who helped organize the delivery.
Lovin the UCLA blue scarf.
The hospital's Recreational Therapist helped organize the delivery.
Melanie, Carrie, Lynn and Perry getting ready for the delivery.

This scarf was knitted by a woman who learned to knit just so she could make a scarf to donate. It was beautifiul.
A new cap.
Mother and daughter team, Melanie & Riley, getting ready to make a delivery.

NYC Love Scarf Project Update

Again, we delivered about 150 scarves and caps to the oncology area at Columbia Presbyterian at holiday time in December. The patients are so appreciative. But so are the nurses and staff. We have so many that we leave many to be delivered to outpatients throughout the winter and the staff has told me that this is incredibly welcome. They get many emergency cases who come in off the street and many are in need of warmth. They are so glad to be able to hand these people the gift of a scarf particularly during a winter like we have had-very cold.

Additionally, one temple group began a knitting group because they heard about Lovescarf. They started it too late to be ready for the holiday delivery so, we did another delivery of about 25 scarves in February.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Join the Love Scarf Project!

The Love Scarf Project was created in honor of Robbie Seidman, who died of leukemia at City of Hope Hospital in 2003. While in the hospital, Robbie had many visitors. However, Robbie’s friend Bridgett noticed that many other patients had few, if any visitors. She created the Love Scarf Project and got her friends to knit scarves to be personally delivered to patients at City of Hope during the Holidays, to let these patients know that they were thought of and loved.

The Love Scarf Project is now a bicoastal project with scarf and cap deliveries in NYC (headed by Robbie's brother, Leon) and LA (headed by Robbie's close friend, Bridgett). If you are interested in joining the project, check out the details: