Monday, November 06, 2006

Lacy Crocheted Scarves

These two scarves were done using this free pattern. The crocheter of the red one added a few more stitches to the edge to make it a ruffle. I love the way these turned out.

We are at 15 scarves (and 2 caps) with just over a month to go. I hope there are a lot of scarves and caps in the works out there because we have a ways to go!

Scarf Pictures!!!

It's been a while, but I finally got my camera back--and it's as good as new. The scarves have started to flow in and they are beautiful!

Here is a crocheted scarf and cap duo:

A super fuzzy crocheted scarf:

A couple of crazy scarves. I love the ruffly, twisty one. I think this is the pattern that was used, but she didn't do all five rows (in case you're wondering).

A beautiful, happy scarf from a first time knitter. Great job!

And a whole bunch more. I like that a lot of these ones could be for men or women.

Thanks and keep them coming!

P.S. I dont feel like the crazy knitters out there are representing! What's Up?!