Monday, November 09, 2015

City of Hope Valentine's Day Delivery - 2015 Report + Looking Forward to to 2/14/16

Love Scarf delivery for 2015 was done on February 13th this year since Valentine's Day fell on the weekend when staffing is more limited.  Also patients sometimes go home for weekends, if they are well enough, so we got to touch more patients by going on Friday. Love Scarf delivery for 2016 will be on February 12th.

We got to see a lot of patients.  We always ask if they'd like a hug, and many of them do want one.  Here was one beautiful hug by our Best Love Scarf Hugger, Shannon.

We always end up having JUST ENOUGH scarves and hats for everyone to have their favorite color -- or very close.  Susie Fry Littlefield who has been one of our most prolific donors -- she knits AND she inspires many to knit for us! -- laid out some of her group's 2015 donations in the next three photos.  Wow, right?!

This was the very first donation to arrive for the 2015 delivery. Many come with just the most precious notes, the sentiments of which we pass on with the scarves and hats.

Around this time of year, I start to freak out that there won't be enough donations.  Over the weekend I was having a little anxiety attack about it and this photo came in from Sharon Euler, one of our most prolific knitters.  Check out her post to the Facebook Group (please join us at Love Scarf Project on Facebook):
"I was out and about this afternoon and stopped at a garage sale in my neighborhood. When I told them I was using the yarn to make chemo caps - they gave me whole box.  So grateful. I have some knitting to do."
Sharon has ALREADY knit all of these hats!!!!!!
Thank God for Sharon and Susie!   But we always need more donations of scarves and hats!  At the end of our rounds, the pickings get slimmer for their favorite colors.   Also, the very excellent news is that the left over scarves and hats are left with the hospital.  Throughout the rest of the year, they give care packages to the patients when they are struggling or feeling down.  The Love Scarf hats and scarves are put in the packages.
I once went to a friend's book signing in Santa Monica, CA.  In the line waiting to have our books signed, the woman in front of me started talking about knitting, so I told her about the project.  She became emotional immediately because HER FATHER had received a care package when he was at City of Hope.  He still wears his scarf and hat knowing that they were made with LOVE.
So, your donations make a difference.  If you don't knit or crochet, please pass the word!
With love and gratitude to you all!


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