Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Be a Yarn Hero!

Hi all! I am working with Lion Brand Yarn on their Yarn Heroes campaign. Check out their blog to see the other 14 Yarn Super Heroes! We want to spread the word about giving this season by encouraging all fiber artists to knit or crochet for charity. Love Scarf Project has been a wonderful inspiration for me for years now, and I wanted to post about the campaign here.  Hopefully to encourage you to donate to LSP's in your community, and better yet, to start your own!

18 years ago I watched the painful journey that my mother-in-law took, as she battled stage 4 melanoma cancer.  Watching a loved one suffer and pass away from such a crippling disease, left me feeling quite helpless.  As is most often the case when I feel helpless and out of control, I am drawn to my needles.  It is this time of year when I am missing my loved ones and counting my blessings, that I feel compelled to spread joy through the fiber arts.

You can too!  It's easy! Contact your local cancer center and ask them when is a good time to donate scarves or hats, and spread the word around to your knitter/crocheter friends.  Giving deadlines and reminders is good.  Pretty soon, you will have a wonderful pile of fiber goodness to give to those suffering and fighting their own battles.

My alter ego/yarn hero is the Domiknitter!  I am spreading the word by dressing up in this (ridiculous) awesome costume! I hope you feel inspired to start a movement today!  To help get you started, here is a free pattern for a super fast, chunky, scraptacular cowl.

Great news! By using coupon code YARNHEROES2016 at lionbrand.com you will get $5 off your yarn purchase above $20 for your KNITTING FOR CHARITY needs through December 15th. Pick ANY charity--this is a great time of year to spread joy through your fiber gifts!

Be a Yarn Hero!


Follow me on instagram at the handle: domiknitter for some superhero goodness this next month!  And don't forget kristyglassknits instagram too ---there may be a  yarn giveaway coming soon------


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