Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Delivery Report

On Valentine's Eve, Bridget as well as a few friends and volunteers were able to deliver scarves and caps to City of Hope.

One hundred and seventy-five scarves and hats were collected. Enough that that either another LA cancer center needs to be included in the delivery or Love Scarf Chicago might get a little head start on their collection!

Personal deliveries were made a few patients that were up for visitors.
"They were each and every one of them so very grateful and each and every one found a hat and scarf that they loved. We met a young woman who has been in there 146 days. We met a woman who has 9 month old twins back home in Minneapolis. We pulled some of the pediatric hats out and gave them to her to have for the twins. We met a woman who we knew had been feeling nauseous so we knew to not stay long, but her eyes welled with tears when we left because she was so moved. We got a few "bless you"s as we left the rooms, I'm sure all of us were feeling like we could only wish to bless them as much as is needed right now. They were beautiful. Some were alone, some had friends or family with them. They were all pretty timid about receiving the gifts and then got into searching for the scarves and hats that were perfect for them."
Bridget Fonger
Love Scarf Project

Thank you to everyone who participated (either by spreading the word or by making scarves and caps)!


Blogger Kage said...

Ok...seriously putting NY to shame with those on getting people to knit please.....

Love the photo!

7:42 AM  
Blogger This is Carrie said...

I think they hit up some retirement homes who produced a large number of scarves and caps.

9:41 AM  

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