Monday, September 04, 2006

Guidelines for Caps

1) Use soft yarns: cotton, baby yarn, microfiber, silk and cashmere are good choices.
2) Thinner, seamless (crochet or knit in the round), non-lumpy caps make for better sleeping and increased
comfort on the recipients heads.
3) If yarn used has any wool content, please attach a note.
4) Most patients will prefer solid caps and hats as opposed to a shell stitch or a V-stitch or a granny-square with more open holes.
5) Use your own crochet/knit pattern or browse the free pattern links on the sidebar
6) Adult sizes needed.

**If you are participating the LA Love Scarf project, caps must also be washed once finished and placed in ziploc bags to minimize the passing of germs & animal hair exposure as much as possible.


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