Friday, September 01, 2006

How to Start Your Own Love Scarf Project

1. Choose a Hospital. Find a hospital that has cancer patients who could use some love and warmth, i.e., any hospital!

2. Get Donations. Spread the word (email works great!) among your community that you are looking for soft scarves (or chemo caps, socks, etc. – see patterns on this site) to be delivered to cancer patients around Christmas. Tell them cancer patients particularly need help staying warm as their body temperatures fluctuate with their treatments. And, most cancer patients don’t have 24/7 visitors, so they can always use the reminder that they are loved.

3. Set Up Delivery. Call the hospital to set up a delivery date and time. Some hospitals allow you to deliver directly to the patients, which is particularly great for patients who don't have any holiday visitors. Others, in order to protect the patients’ compromised immune systems, will take the donations and have the nurses distribute the scarves. For this reason, it’s good to string or pin a card to the scarf to tell them it was made with love especially for them.

4. Delivery of Love! Spread the love and remind all the patients that even when their friends and family aren't with them, they are loved, loved, loved!

If you decide to start your own Love Scarf Project, please send us all the info and we will add it to this site for easy reference!


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