Monday, March 14, 2011

LA Love Scarf Project 2011 - REPORT

Love Scarf Project 2011 was huge success at the City of Hope, when a team of 6 delivered scarves to two floors of patients on Valentine's Day. As Carrie Lundell said "The smiles, the smiles, so many smiles..." It was true, the smiles that often take a good deal of energy to muster up when you are in their situation, were so big and bright. The thank yous were so loud and clear -- even for the patients who can't or barely can speak. The ooooohs and aaaaaaahs at their choices were also plentiful. It was a heart-warming Valentine's Day for all of us.

There was an athlete who went to UCLA who was thrilled to find his UCLA blue! There was a man who happened to be on a walk through the halls, whose room we hadn't got to, who was completely bald. He didn't have a hat! So, we found him the PERFECT hat that matched his trusty robe and he was in love! With a skip in his step he rolled his IV pole down the hall and we saw him a couple times as we delivered to the rest of the floor. He always had the biggest smile.

We had one patient who exclaimed "Don't I look like a hottie now?!"

Everyone we delivered to had many options to select from and found a scarf or hat they were very happy with.

Most of all, I think we can say that everyone felt the LOVE from The Love Scarf Project.

The fantastic nurses who helped organize the delivery.
Lovin the UCLA blue scarf.
The hospital's Recreational Therapist helped organize the delivery.
Melanie, Carrie, Lynn and Perry getting ready for the delivery.

This scarf was knitted by a woman who learned to knit just so she could make a scarf to donate. It was beautifiul.
A new cap.
Mother and daughter team, Melanie & Riley, getting ready to make a delivery.


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