Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Since we're helping people and all...

I broke my foot this holiday season, a week before Thanksgiving. My cast will come off 2 days after New Years! Happy Holidays!

I knew I needed a boot cozy. After an extensive search of the internet, ebay and etsy, all I found were some TOE cozies.

I decided to knit myself a boot cozy for my aircast. I think it turned out rather well considering I have only ever successfully knitted a scarf (and not a FANCY one like some of the scarves that were turned in to NYC LSP).

So, with the rest of the yarn of course I made an equally grandma-kitschy scarf for LSP. The cozy, though, took NO time and has been such a sweet spot amongst this not-so-sweet situation....so if you spy anyone hobbling around, consider a cozy with your leftover yarn!


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